On 30 September 2021, ACS began a consultation on its new constitution.

The Constitutional Reform Working Group (CRWG), jointly chaired by Dr Nick Tate and Dr Roger Clarke, conducted a round of consultation between October and December, in which over 200 members participated.

A report back to members on their input to the process was published on 13 December 2021.

As planned, the consultation process is now drilling down into the specifics of the provisions that the new constitution will contain.

"This is a once-in-20-years opportunity to ensure that the Society is what you want it to be and works in the way that you want it to work", said ACS President Nick Tate.

The first questions are about the rights of professional members and communications among members.

There is also a series of topics concerned with ACS' mission and purposes, and the key functions that the organisation needs to perform.

Comments can also be offered on the provisions needed to guide the additional activities that ACS conducts, above and beyond those key functions.

Another bracket of questions relates to national committees, and to the nature, powers and accountability mechanisms of Branches, Chapters and Special Interest Groups.

Finally, decisions need to be made about ACS’ governance. These include the nature and composition of the governing committee, and the electoral processes to fill positions on it.

Members expressed particular interest in the specific processes whereby the governing committee will be effectively accountable to the membership for performance consistent with the constitutional provisions and member expectations.

The documents can be accessed from the CRWG's website.

Following the success of the first-round Online Forum, a similar space has been created for this second round. Post your contributions by responding within the Question List.

You can find out what other members think about each topic by going directly to the Online Forum.

Submissions can also be made via the CRWG's response form.

Members are strongly encouraged to contribute to the discussion.