ACS has joined up with the TechDiversity Foundation to promote the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in tech workforces across Australia.

The partnership will see ACS, which is already involved in TechDiversity’s Community Connect events, continue to support this networking series by hosting events across all ACS State Branch offices.

TechDiversity will make its DEI learning programs available to ACS members at a discounted rate.

“This partnership between ACS and TechDiversity demonstrates our commitment to building a world-leading technology workforce in Australia that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive,” said ACS CEO Chris Vein.

“Through our collaboration, we aim to positively impact the tech sector and provide opportunities to close the digital divide.”

TechDiversity was formed in 2015 with a mission to make DEI a top business priority for Australia.

It hosts the annual TechDiversity Awards which recognises successful DEI initiatives across business, education, and government.

"Our collaboration signifies the importance and the power of collective action to drive meaningful change towards greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech sector,” said TechDiversity Executive Director Luli Adeyemo.

“TechDiversity is thrilled to partner with ACS and work together towards creating a culture of belonging in the Australian tech industry.”

In November 2021, ACS signed a Diversity Pledge which states that ACS will strive to measure the diversity of the Australian workforce, produce DEI-related policy positions, and encourage diversity in thought leadership opportunities and across ACS governance.

ACS also has a National Diversity and Inclusion Council comprising ACS members who help provide strategic advice on challenges relating to DEI in the workplace.