The levels of digital literacy amongst ICT educators are currently inadequate, and more support is needed if they are to teach digital solutions to the next generation.

That’s according to a report on the state of ICT competency amongst teachers by the NSW Government.

“Teachers will not only need to be digitally literate but also capable of helping their future students move from being consumers of digital products to producers of digital solutions,” stated the report.

With the nation-wide implementation of the new Digital Technologies Curriculum already underway, the challenges it will present for teachers are still not completely known.

ACS is hosting the inaugural ICT Educators Forum later this month for school leaders and teachers in Brisbane. ICT educators will be able to discuss and learn more about the design, best practice and future development of the curriculum in schools.

“Introduction of a new curriculum always requires support. In the case of Digital Technologies, this support includes some depth around technologies and practices as well as authentic learning activities. The ACS is picking up this role,” said Director of Education at ACS, Allyn Radford. “The highest need for support is now.”

The ICT Educators Forum panellists are:

  • Therese Keane, Deputy Chair of the Department of Education Swinburne University
  • Julie King, DT Project Leader and digital curriculum specialist
  • James Curran, ARC Research Fellow at University of Sydney and research leader in language technology
  • Russell Sky, Principal Education Officer, HPE Technologies Learning Area Unit
  • Nicolette Venn, Queensland and Northern Territory State Manager at Digital Careers Australia
  • Beth Claydon, Senior Project Officer, Policy and Resource Development, K – 12 Resources Branch
  • Paul Francis Herring, IT Teacher at Saint Peters Lutheran College
  • Allyn Radford, ACS Director of Education (MC)

The experts will be split into two panels, with the first providing a practical understanding of the curriculum and the second looking at resources and support available for schools and teachers.

ACS is looking to maintain its role supporting teachers as the curriculum continues to be implemented in schools around the country.

“We are looking at this event as a way of creating a network of teachers,” said Radford. “It’s the first event of what we see to be a multi-year program.”


Event: ACS ICT Educators’ Forum

Date: Wednesday 24 May 2017

Place: Hotel Jen, 159 Roma St, Brisbane

Time: 8.30am – 12pm

Cost: $50 for both members and non-members of the ACS.

Registration: Click here.