Ever wondered after a pint or two whether you should invest in some Bitcoin?

Wonder no more – Sydney’s first pub Bitcoin ATM has arrived.

Located in the Metropolitan Hotel on Bridge St in the CBD, the ATM allows punters to buy and sell Bitcoin.

Mind you, you’ll need more than a bit of spare change to buy Bitcoin.

At the time of writing, that amount was around $7500 to buy one Bitcoin using Aussie dollars.

The volatile currency well and truly blasted past the US$5000-mark last week, and is currently sitting at US$5902, after earlier smashing through US$6000.

Australian start-up BitPOS is behind the Sydney ATM.

“Our customers have told us they’re looking for more ways to buy and sell Bitcoin locally,” said BitPOS co-founder Jason Williams.

“We have spent months road-testing our prototype, ensuring what we deliver is a seamless experience. We have written all the software, and designed our systems with the goal of keeping immaculate audit records of every ATM interaction.”

Williams said Bitcoin had grown beyond the realm of the tech experts, and that the ATM has been designed to be used by anyone who has a Bitcoin wallet.

“Things are moving forward for Bitcoin, it's now becoming an everyday currency, with financial institutions, forward-thinking investors, as well as mums and dad investors paying close attention,” said Williams.

“Our customers can visit our BitPOS ATMs with cash in hand, and purchase Bitcoin, whenever they like.”

Withdrawals, however, are not available at this time.

Customers are also able to check whether the ATM is online before heading there to make a transaction.

“We have built each of our terminals so that it speaks real time to our location map, which clearly highlights where their nearest ATM is, and its status,” said Williams.

BitPOS will be rolling out the Bitcoin ATMs progressively across Australia.

Of all the silly things you can do whilst tipsy, buying Bitcoin probably isn’t one of them.