The Australian Computer Society is collecting an Oral History of the ICT industry in Australia. It is an important part of their 50th Anniversary Heritage project.

Are you able to share your memories recorded on a mobile phone or an MP3 recorder using a standardised format, as set out below.

ACS will then have the audio files transcribed as a permanent record of our industry and will send a copy to you. The material may also be used in the history the ACS has commissioned. Be aware, the ACS will retain the copyright to this material – see copyright notice below.

Overall Guidelines

  • Use a mobile phone voice recording function, or any device (e.g. iPad) that records MP3 files.
  • Please keep the overall length to 15-20 minutes.
  • Please stick to the questions below. There is ample room for comments and observations.
  • Keep it short! Keep it simple!
  • Send ACS the MP3 file.
  • They will send you a copy of the transcription.
  • Also, please let ACS know of any records (paper or electronic) you’d like to share.



  • Please state your name and the date of the recording.
  • Your age (optional) and whether you joined the ACS and in what year.
  • If so, how and why you became involved in the ACS.


  • How did you start in computing?
  • What was your first job?
  • BRIEFLY outline your career.
  • What significant milestones did you witness in the evolution of computing in Australia? Please state when.
  • Who else was involved?


  • Anything else of relevance.

Copyright notice

In sending ACS the audio file, you assign all copyright and the subsequent transcription to the Australian Computer Society Inc. You confirm the recording is original and you are the author of the work, except possibly for material such as text passages or data you may read out. Please identify the source of this material in the accompanying email.

What to do

If you have any questions, email:

Send your recording or Word document to the same email address: Maximum total attached size is 20Mb.

Post a memory stick to: ACS History Project, Level 11, 50 Carrington St, Sydney NSW 2000.

You can also send any paper or electronic records you’d like to provide.

We look forward to hearing and reading your stories, and including you in this historic project.