Karen Gee and Denis Coldham have each been recognised for their outstanding contributions to ACS, receiving the ACS President’s Award for Q1 and Q2 2018, respectively.

Affiliated with ACS Victoria, Karen Gee is a member of the BEC, Chair of the Victorian Member Engagement Sub-Committee, Member of the Victorian Education Relations Sub-Committee and is also a Victorian Congressional Representative.

Since beginning her involvement with ACS in late 2015, she has been an integral part of ACS Victoria, particularly through her involvement with the Telstra Business Technology Services (BTS) Academy.

The initiative has already seen a number of young tech workers receive ACS certification and begin their careers with Telstra.

Gee has also leveraged her experience in the industry to bring new members to ACS events.

Karen Gee. Source: LinkedIn

Coldham, who is currently Western Australia BEC and Conference Chair, wins his prize after a highly successful WA State Conference in June.

In his role, Coldham changed the delivery formats of the conference which eventuated in every Masterclass and the entire speakers stream being sold out.

He has also assisted ACS WA with reinvigorating its social media presence in recent times, taking the initiative to promote PD events via live streaming on Facebook.

In terms of the impact of his contribution, the live streamed events have reached an audience of over 3,000 people.

His desire to seek feedback from members on how events and forums can be improved has also helped the entire branch.

Denis Coldham. Source: LinkedIn