Expand your JavaScript skills, get a grip on Big Data, learn how to create scalable DevOps solutions and be a whiz in cyber security.

These are the tech skills that recruitment specialists, Hays, says will “future-proof” your career in ICT.

While very few tech professionals will ever need to be proficient in each of these fields at one time, Hays identified them as areas where there is the most demand.

Senior Regional Director at Hays, Adam Shapley, said ambitious tech professionals can future-proof their careers by focusing and upskilling in these areas.

“The tech industry will continue to thrive beyond our expectations, with continuous digital transformations taking place across all sectors,” he said.

Six skills were identified by Hays as being the most valued.

They were cyber security, business intelligence, data science/big data, DevOps, JavaScript and UX/UI development and design.

“It’s not just native digital organisations embracing the latest transformative technologies; more traditional organisations are making strategic investments to ensure that they remain relevant in the digital world.

“If job seekers have what it takes to not only help them on their journey but help them operate in their new world, it’s likely they’ll find themselves in the driver’s seat of their career.”

Hays explained that the digitisation of these ‘traditional’ sectors is particularly driving demand for cyber security experts, as this transformation brings with it vulnerability.

“Larger organisations in particular are looking to hire cyber security specialists to be at the frontline of their cyber defence,” it said in a statement.

“The finance, insurance, utilities and retail industries are all competing for top talent in these areas.”

The influence of social media was also acknowledged.

Hays explained that with customers now able to share their experiences to a large audience online using social media, customer experience is now as important as ever.

This means that UX/UI development and design is valued by companies to ensure a positive customer experience.

Of the six, JavaScript was identified as “perhaps the hottest skill developers need to upskill in for the foreseeable future,” as its popularity continues.

As well as highlighting the skills that will be most in demand in the coming years, Hays also identified that some current trends may be fleeting.

It explained that although data migration skills are in demand now, in order to help companies manage data migration interdependencies, in the future these experts will be replaced with business intelligence experts who are able interpret data to help drive operational decision-making.