As the ASX 200 index hits its highest mark in nearly 12 years, market traders have been helping grow the wages of IT professionals.

The latest figures from Seek put Java developers who specialise in algorithmic trading among the top three highest-paying jobs in the country.

Based on average full-time salaries, the top 20 list includes six IT roles.

Security architects are in the top ten most paid as organisations continue adapting to a long list of security concerns, increasing demand for cyber security specialists.

The inclusion of enterprise sales managers shows the expansion of IT as Australia’s start-up ecosystem continues to blossom.

Seek Ranking

Job title

Average wage


Java Algorithmic Trading Developer



Head of Project Management Office



Security Solutions Architect



Technology Director



Head of Software Development



Enterprise Sales Manager



None of this is a surprise to CEO of IT recruitment firm Halcyon Knights, Lincoln Benbow.

“Australia's tech scene is very buoyant at the moment given the rapid pace of technology change. With this growth the supply versus demand for tech talent is creating exiting opportunities for people to increase their currency," Benbow said.

“We're at an exciting part of the global tech journey, with so many businesses looking to leverage new and emerging technologies to remain relevant."

A report released by the recruitment agency found that nearly half of Aussie IT workers command salaries of over $120,000 a year.

“The demand for more advanced skills in things like data and analytics and cybersecurity is driving wage growth as organisations compete over a small but highly skilled talent pool,” Benbow said.

“Data, analytics and business intelligence professionals were the second-highest earners – with 20 per cent [of them] on $200,000 pay packets – followed by 15 per cent of those working in security [earning that amount].”