Home-grown artificial intelligence (AI) business, Unleash Live, has begun a partnership with New Zealand authorities to help improve road safety.

A pilot program will introduce an AI model to profile black spot areas.

The project will see cameras set-up on the side of roads in remote areas monitoring for when vehicles cross into dangerous areas of a road.

Unleash Live’s platform analyses the video footage by marking off designated zones and counting the number of vehicles that enter the space.

These precise measurements can then be used to create an index of risk on blackspot roads.

Co-founder of Unleash Live, Jason Grier, told Information Age that AI can help streamline the allocation of the authorities’ resources.

“Instead of sending somebody out to stand on the side of the road watching traffic – which is both a costly and timely exercise – they can now scale the activity at low cost and achieve the desired outcomes by looking at the value of each blackspot through the camera’s own rating,” he said.

In Jason’s experience, the value of AI is all about creating efficiency and optimising for outcomes.

“A lot of our customers realise the value of our platform for resource management,” he said.

“With the black spots, some of these roads are in remote areas that you might have, on a daily basis, maybe three to four cars go by.

“So obviously having someone stationed there is a waste of time, but you also need to know which roads have to be improved first.”

Unleash Live also works with the City of Sacramento on traffic management projects.

Previously, Unleash Live received a Jobs for NSW grant to help fund a project that helped provide more security to Australian broadcast towers.