Entrepreneurs taking part in RiverPitch, the ACS TV series searching for Australia’s best new scalable tech platform, tonight face the judges for the first time.

The judges are ACS President Yohan Ramasundara, ACS CEO Andrew Johnson, and COO of fintech HashChing, Siobhan Hayden.

Fronting before them are four Brisbane scale-ups: Audeara, Canaris, Realar and World’s Biggest Garage Sale.

The founders of the four companies will tonight make a 90-second presentation to the judging panel, alongside their mentor, Steve Baxter.

The businesses that did not make it to the next round were BenchOn, Orbmaps, PowerWells, and Sitesee.

Once the entrepreneurs have made their short pitches, the judging panel will ask questions about their business, scalability prospects, teams, and financials.

Here’s what the four companies tonight have on offer:


Audeara was founded in 2014 by Brisbane doctors, Dr. James Fielding and Dr. Chris Jeffery to restore quality entertainment regardless of hearing ability, and help prevent the rising incidence of noise induced hearing loss. This led to the creation of a hearing test sound personalisation platform. The first application of the technology is in over-ear headphones with built-in hearing test. The company is focusing on three segments: music, health and gaming.

Canaria Technologies

Canaria makes a medical grade wearable (worn on ear) powered by machine learning. The device reads user's vital signs and can predict fatigue, and in later versions, heat stroke. It can measure heart rate, heart-rate variability, blood oxygen, temperature, respiration and head position – all in real time. The device is being targeted to the mining, oil and gas sectors.


Realar is spatial visualisation software for real estate that combines AR and AI to help people buy and build new homes better off the plan. This means that using only a smartphone, users can quickly convert a floorplan (AI) into a life-size walkthrough in any open site (AR). Buyers and builders can understand plans, removing the fear of not knowing the details of the product they are investing in.

World’s Biggest Garage Sale

World's Biggest Garage Sale (WBGS) is a Brisbane based start-up, designing solutions to commercialise the ‘circular economy’ through the activation of dormant goods. The company maximises the value of goods already in the economy -- through resale, recycle, repurpose, rehome, renew, restore and recommerce. World’s Biggest Garage Sale diverts good from ending up in landfill and creating jobs.

RiverPitch is a television concept based on a program developed at River City Labs, which was acquired by ACS in 2018 from well-known entrepreneur and investor, Steve Baxter.

Contenstants will battle it out for a $20,000 prize, including business mentoring and a mission to one of the world’s leading technology hubs.

Contestants will work with experienced business leaders Steve Baxter, Peter James and Sheona Devin as mentors.

RiverPitch screens tonight at 7.30pm on Your Money (Channel 95).

NEXT WEEK: Join us as we look at the four New South Wales entrepreneurs facing the judges.