Welcome to Part 4 of our RoboCup Highlights Reel series bringing you all the best bits from RoboCup 2019 in Sydney.

Ever wanted to have your own robot butler? The RoboCup At Home League sets out to make that dream a reality.

This league sees teams compete at making robots complete everyday tasks like interacting with people and picking up household objects.

Actions we find intuitive are extremely complicated for robots which Claude Sammut, Chair of the RoboCup 2019 Organising Committee, said means there is still a lot more room for improvement.

“They’re pretty good at navigating; manipulating objects is hard because our hand is so complex so dexterous that that is hard to replicate; being able to recognise objects is reasonably reliable; and being able to recognise people is okay,” he said.

“Things work 80, 90 per cent of the time but then break when you most want them.”

ACS was the STEM Champion sponsor of RoboCup 2019.