Welcome to Part 8 of our RoboCup Highlights Reel series bringing you all the best bits from RoboCup 2019 in Sydney.

One of the hometown favourites at this year’s RoboCup competition was Team rUNSWift.

The Australian university team has previously held the record for developing the fasted run in the standard platform league.

Kenji Brameld is the rUNSWift Team Leader and a mechatronics student at the University of New South Wales.

He said each member of his team spent more than 20 hours each week on top of their full-time study load preparing for the competition.

“Every year the league makes the rules harder to challenge us, so every year the teams get better,” Kenji said.

“Teams that are good also have to release their code to other teams so it’s open source. That means teams can take their whole code base and run it next year, so the team that wrote it originally has to write something better next year.”

Kenji expects the knowledge he gained through RoboCup will come in handy after he graduates.

“I think I see myself working at a robotics company,” he said.

“I personally want to work in some sort of animal or human movement. A good example is Boston Dynamics – they have really impressive movements.”

ACS was the STEM Champion sponsor of RoboCup 2019.