Congress, the governing body of ACS, has voted for greater transparency moving forward after passing a motion to open the detailed financial results of ACS.

The group, which met on Friday 9 October, was charged with voting on four motions – all of which were passed.

The motions relate to making all 2019 and 2020 Management Committee minutes available to Congress, and all minutes thereafter; that a conflict of interest register be established for all Management Committee members to be maintained by the secretariat of Congress; and that a full and detailed independent financial audit be conducted of ACS expenditure for the financial years 2018/19, and 2019/20.

The fourth motion was that Congress has lost confidence in the ACS Management Committee. This motion was prompted by an impasse in decision-making arising from fundamental differences between Management Committee members on strategic priorities.

At the next Congress meeting to be held on Monday 2 November 2020, Congress members will be able to remove or retain, by vote, each member of the Management Committee.

At a subsequent meeting scheduled for 16 November, Congress will meet to fill any vacant roles on Management Committee.