ACS congratulates IT professional Cynthia Lee for winning the 2019 ACS President’s Award.

Cynthia is a member of the ACS Victorian Branch Executive Committee and chairs its Diversity and Inclusion sub-committee.

She saw winning the President’s Award as recognition for the committee’s hard work in recent years.

“We hope to equip and enable others to ‘convert the unconverted’ and make a difference in their own lives, whether that is with their family, their immediate team members or their entire organisations,” Cynthia said.

“Not everyone is lucky enough to work with organisations that are willing to invest their resources in making the world more inclusive, so we aim to make some resources available to our members in general, such as materials to run your own unconscious bias training, including facilitator guides.”

After discovering programming in high school, Cynthia studied commerce and ICT at the University of Melbourne.

In her career, Cynthia has been managed teams and digital transformation at Deloitte Consulting and was a founding member of the organisation’s diversity and inclusion committee.

For the past two and a half years Cynthia has been a senior manager at PwC’s Agile Advisory practice where she puts her qualifications as a certified Scrum Master to good use.

“Technology isn't just the cost of doing business anymore but is also the way in which customers can interact with and be served by companies,” Cynthia said.

“It is revolutionising so many industries, enabling new business models, products and changing our perceptions and expectations of our world.

“A basic understanding of technology is now fundamental to navigating our world, both as an organisation and as an individual in our day-to-day lives.”

Cynthia won the Young ICT Professional of the Year (Female under 30) at the 2016 ACS Digital Disruptor Awards.