LinkedIn has released its Jobs on the Rise in 2021 report, revealing how Australia’s jobs market has changed due to COVID-19.

While the pandemic caused a massive drop in employment across sectors like tourism and hospitality, other sectors like healthcare, mining and construction have either been stable or have seen a surge in demand.

According to LinkedIn, the jobs on the rise refer to positions that have seen the highest growth between April and October 2020 compared to the corresponding period in 2019. They include mental health specialists, healthcare workers and professional coaches.

Other trends in the company’s report include a demand for people with transferable skills – with roles like social media and marketing – and a spike in remote work. LinkedIn saw remote job opportunities increase by four times since June.

The majority of roles in LinkedIn’s Jobs on the Rise report can be done remotely, meaning those with digital skills have an extra edge when looking for employment in those industries.

These are the 15 jobs on the rise and some of their top titles:

  • Specialised engineering roles: backend developer, web developer, head of engineering.
  • Cyber security roles: cyber security analyst, cyber security specialist.
  • Social media/digital marketing: content designer, search engine optimisation specialist, social media marketing manager.
  • Digital content freelancers: podcaster, blogger, writer.
  • E-commerce: supply chain assistant, warehouse team lead, online specialist.
  • Education roles: early childhood educator, principal.
  • Mental health specialist: mental health practitioner, mental health counsellor, psychologist.
  • Healthcare/medical frontline: registered nurse, medical doctor, paramedic.
  • Social worker: youth worker, social services coordinator, social services assistant.
  • Healthcare/medical support: physical therapist support, healthcare assistant, occupational therapist.
  • Construction worker: construction site manager, construction estimator, heavy equipment operator.
  • Customer service: customer service consultant, customer assistant, customer support specialist.
  • Professional and personal coaches: life coach, health coach, business coach.
  • Real estate: mortgage broker, real estate specialist, real estate agent.
  • Finance: anti-money laundering analyst, risk analyst, equity trader.

This article was originally published on Business Insider Australia.