In traditional Information Age style, we look back on the top 12 news stories of 2022.

Stories about jobs, pay, and visas once again dominated the list, along with the now infamous Optus breach, and the Linkt toll scam.

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12. Where ICT contractors make most cash in Australia

Surprisingly, it wasn’t Sydney or Melbourne.

11. IT workers still commanding top dollar

In the middle of the year, IT employers were offering big cash to attract IT professionals.

10. The 12 jobs more important than cyber security

One major recruiter claimed there were more in-demand roles than cyber, including UX designers and robotic experts.

9. No more passwords, say Apple, Google and Microsoft

Could it really be true, no more passwords? Some of the tech giants think so, promising we’ll simply need our phone to sign into everything.

8. The aftermath of the Optus breach

The chair of the ACS Cyber Security Committee explains how Optus got it so terribly wrong.

7. Cyber Academy will pay you $40k to study cyber

Being paid to study cyber security and earn a degree is an appealing prospect.

6. New Zealand makes play for skilled migrants

Our neighbours were intent on securing IT professionals by fast-tracking residency applications.

5. Recommendation: new visa for any job paying $70k+

The Grattan Institute recommended an overhaul of Australia’s temporary skills migration program.

4. Optus hacker pulls forum post offline

The criminals behind one of Australia’s biggest breaches say they won’t sell the data as there are “too many eyes” watching them.

3. Govt adds 10 more IT occupations to shortage list

In October, the National Skills Commission added ICT Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, and eight other jobs to the national skills shortage list.

2. Beware the Linkt toll scam

Plenty of people were caught out by the Linkt toll scam, which came as a text message urging motorists to pay for the use of a toll road.

1. Skilled visa changes will damage cyber skills pipeline

In a surprise move, the government opted to remove 27 job roles from the official list of jobs used to prioritise skilled visas, including IT security specialists.

And there you have it, the best-read stories of 2022! Which ones intrigued/entertained/surprised you? The Information Age team would love to hear your thoughts!

We’ll see you in 2023 with the latest tech updates to keep you across sector developments.