Interest in Agile methodologies dropped off in 2022 as people using learning platform Skillsoft showed a sudden spike of interest in learning Java and Microsoft’s public cloud.

Skillsoft’s annual Lean Into Learning report shows a changing trend in tech skills as people moved their interest away from Agile and deeper into the cloud.

‘Agile basics’ and ‘Agile for software development’ were both courses that featured in Skillsoft’s top ten trending topics of 2021 but dropped off the same list for 2022.

“Compared to usage data from last year, we’re seeing a decrease in Agile development, which may indicate that organisations have already implemented Agile and are already reaping the benefits,” the Skillsoft report said.

The learning company added that it’s seen an increase in the number of people learning cloud fundamentals which reinforces data, suggesting cloud was the “highest paid IT function for 2022”.

Cloud security topped Skillsoft’s list of trending tech topics in 2022 for the second straight year with cloud basics hopping over scrum to make the top five.

API security was a surprise omission from last year’s trending tech topics. After sitting in third place, the specific security topic was replaced by IT hardware technician courses which have had a surge in popularity, especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

Skillsoft’s 2022 Trending Tech Topics

  1. Cloud security
  2. Networking core concepts
  3. IT hardware technician
  4. Java
  5. Cloud basics
  6. Scrum
  7. Security core concepts
  8. Oracle certified professional, Java SE programmer
  9. Microsoft certified Azure fundamentals
  10. Linux administration

Despite a wave of layoffs at tech companies, organisations are being encouraged to try and hang onto staff with IT skills by giving them more training opportunities.

A recent survey from Pearson found tech workers whose training and certifications were paid for by the company were less likely to search around for job openings.

Skillsoft CEO Jeffrey Tarr agrees, saying there is now a clear relationship between workers who want to have futureproofed, high-paying skills, and companies who “want a sustainable, future-fit workforce”.

“A social compact has emerged, creating a skilling revolution underpinned by learning,” Tarr said.

“The businesses that will thrive tomorrow and in the future are the ones that embrace a culture where employers, their workforce, and their communities are leaning into learning and growth together.”

Salaries for tech workers continued to grow last year with the most in-demand jobs seeing increases of 20 per cent in just 12 months.