Welcome to Part 2 of our RoboCup Highlights Reel series bringing you all the best bits from RoboCup 2019 in Sydney.

RoboCup Junior started in Melbourne at the turn of the millennium and has become a hallmark of RoboCup.

The event brings together school students from around the world to compete, learn, and – most importantly – have fun!

These are the Robocuppers who will shape our future, they just don’t know it yet.

Claude Sammit, Chair of the RoboCup 2019 Organising Committee, said RoboCup Junior helps re-shape the perception of STEM subjects.

“Some kids think that doing science, engineering, or maths is boring,” he said.

“But in fact, when you come to these places you see that it’s not boring at all.

“And when you start getting into doing commercial and industrial work, you find yourself applying what you have learned here into important areas like medicine and the environment.

“You’re doing important work and you’re having fun.”

ACS was the STEM Champion sponsor of RoboCup 2019.