ACS Congress has voted to remove two members from the Society’s Management Committee in a vote held on Monday afternoon.

At a special meeting of ACS Congress, Vice President Community Boards Dr Craig Horne and National Congressional Representative Maria Markman were removed from their positions on ACS Management Committee.

Other Management Committee removal motions were not upheld. Management Committee member removal requires a two thirds majority vote of Congress members.

Ian Oppermann, ACS President, said “the ACS Congress is elected by members to monitor and elect the governing Management Committee, and has been calling for change.

"Congress has given a strong message to Management Committee and those of us still in place will work together to address concerns and provide effective leadership to position ACS for the future.

“Thank you to departing Management Committee members Maria Markham and Dr Craig Horne for their considerable voluntary contributions.”

Monday’s vote came after Congress, the governing body of ACS, passed four motions at its October meeting, including one of no confidence in the Management Committee.

The no-confidence motion was prompted by an ongoing impasse within Management Committee over strategic priorities.

Other motions passed at the time included making all 2019 and 2020 Management Committee minutes available to Congress, and all minutes thereafter; that a conflict of interest register be established for all Management Committee members to be maintained by the secretariat of Congress; and that a full and detailed independent financial audit be conducted of ACS expenditure for the financial years 2018/19 and 2019/20.