Welcome to Part 9 of our RoboCup Highlights Reel series bringing you all the best bits from RoboCup 2019 in Sydney.

One day, a robot will perform all those everyday chores you hate doing.

The only problem is that the tasks we find easy (if not boring) are extremely difficult for robots to complete.

Thankfully, RoboCup teams like rUNSWeep from the University of New South Wales are researching with cutting edge technology to make domestic life less of a chore.

rUNSWeep wrote code for the Toyota Human Support Robot so that it can run a gauntlet of tasks in the RoboCup 2019 @Home League.

Colm Flanagan is the rUNSWeep Team Leader and a robotics PhD student at UNSW.

“This is a service robot and the idea is that it goes into an office, it goes into an apartment, and helps people with their day-to-day tasks,” he said.

“The @home comp is specifically tailored to household tasks. Things like packing a dishwasher, clearing a table, cleaning up the floor, and general domestic tasks you’ve got to solve on a daily basis.

“For a human it’s incredibly trivial to solve something like that; for a robot it’s incredibly complex.”

ACS was the STEM Champion sponsor of RoboCup 2019.