Australian artificial intelligence venture, Unleash Live has come closer to launching its self-serve platform for AI developers with the help of a $475,000 grant from the Federal government.

The platform, to be launched in the last quarter of 2021, is an extension of the company’s existing computer vision development and deployment services.

Providing tools to rapidly develop and deploy computer vision algorithms, or AI apps, the service will help organisations automate monitoring and analysing images and video.

Unleash live CEO Hanno Blankenstein told Information Age, “by connecting computer vision experts with the visual data they need to train AI Apps, and providing the tools they need to build and deploy, we are bringing a supply and demand model together to unlock value for developers and enterprises alike.”

Blankenstein was talking to Information Age ahead the first of the 2021 ACS Emerging and Deep Tech Webinar series, ‘Leveraging your Computer Vision Expertise’ which will explore use cases and applications of computer vision and how it can benefit businesses.

The complimentary webinar will feature Unleash Live’s COO, Jason Greer, Head of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, Hamid Fardoost, and Head of Product and Experience, James Kwong.

Some of the use cases utilising this emerging technology include street cameras being used to understand pedestrian movement for planning and safety and CCTV cameras on train platforms reporting on social distancing and face mask adherence during COVID.

Unleash Live’s core technology, which adds intelligence to CCTV feeds, has also been deployed by New Zealand agencies to improve road safety, control access to critical infrastructure, and for monitoring mines’ tailing dams.

Also being covered in the webinar will be how Unleash live was successful in securing funding from the Accelerating Commercialisation Grant for its self-serve AI platform.

The Accelerating Commericialisation Grant is aimed at assisting entrepreneurs address the challenges associated with commercialising novel intellectual property. The program provides up to $500,000 of matched project funding for Australian entrepreneurs, researchers and startups.

In December, Senator Andrew Bragg joined the Unleash Live team at ACS’ Harbour City Labs to announce the award. During the tour of the labs in Barangaroo, Bragg was able to meet some of the scaleups along with ACS CEO, Rupert Grayston.

During the visit, Unleashed Live’s team explained how the self-serve platform will allow users to overcome the business challenges of implementing computer-vision AI apps.

The Unleash Live’s computer vision self-service platform will provide an app ecosystem to help developers commercialise their work by providing an AI App Store connecting them with industry users.

Using the platform participants will be able to design and build powerful industry-specific AI apps, access real industry video and image datasets, deploy applications rapidly with API integration, and record in the cloud all-live streams, with intelligent search for fast and secure recall.

The apps will be live tested and approved by Unleash Live before being released on the platform. Developers will also have the option of making their application available publicly or keeping them private.

Currently the platform is under development with testing and development to begin shortly with trial partners.